LIMA, Amsterdam (NL)


Gaby Wijers is founder and director of LIMA. Previously she was coordinator of collection, preservation and related research at the NIMk, Amsterdam (NL); she has a background in information management, theater and informatics. She initiated, advised and participated in multiple national and international projects dealing with the documentation, preservation and acces of immaterial and interactive art, specialisation media art and performance. a.o.”ArtHost”, “UNFOLD”, “NACCA”, “Transformation Digital Art”, “Preservation of Media art Collections in the Netherlands”, “Inside Installations”, “Inside Movement Knowledge”, “Obsolete Equipment”, “Digitizing Contemporary Art”, “ArtHost”, “Digitalcanon?!”, “Documenting Digital Art”. She participates in national and international networks such as Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (SBMK), Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE) and is guestlecturer at Amsterdam University and honorable research fellow at Exeter University.



The ArtHost project investigates how to deal with contemporary artworks that depend on dynamic digital technology, in particular web-based artworks (net art). Central is the question of how these works can be stored, documented and kept permanently accessible for the longer term. With this research, LIMA wants to contribute to the development of guidelines for the preservation and management of complex digital art works and to develop a methodology and service for the sustainable storage of net art. In line with this, the aim is to make artists more aware of conservation issues and to involve them in the conservation of their work. The research is being conducted in collaboration with Constant Dullaart / DullTech, initiator of the project.